Version Date What's new
v0.94 2004-02-26
  • Added native Speex support (no longer needed to manually specify command-line for Speex). Added just 3 three Speex parameters for now - Quality, VAD(voice-activated detection) and VBR(variable bitrate). If you use speex, please let me know which other encoder parameters you think it is important to support.
v0.93 2004-01-17
  • Fixed: incorrect behavior after selecting a custom destination directory using the "..." button (the "Unable to write to Profiles\...ini" error, stopping recording immediately after start). Thanks for help to Zedah and Mike Connelly.
v0.92 2004-01-04
  • Now supports creation of multiple recording profiles.
  • Added a menu item to open Volume Control(in addition to Recording Control).
v0.91 2003-12-31
  • Fixed: the "Specify encoder command-line" mode did not obey the setting for "Destination directory" and instead always encoded into the program's directory.
  • Now compatible with Windows 9x (thanks for info to Zedah).
  • New README files (in prev. version these were taken from LineInCode).
v0.90 2003-12-31
  • Initial public release.