Version Date What's new
- 2003-12-31
  • A graphical front-end to LineInCode is now available!
v2.10 2003-12-31
  • Supports new option, "-ff"(also "--flag-files"), which allows to control LineInCode by creating and removing certain files in its current directory. Two flag files are supported for now:
    • Creating 'linco.pause.flag' will cause LineInCode to pause recording(and feeding data to the encoder) until this file is removed.
    • Creating 'linco.stop.flag' will cause LineInCode to stop recording and terminate.
v2.04 2003-08-29
  • All three parameters(-B, -C and -R) which specify the sound format are now required. Previously, LineInCode used default values if some(or all) of them were unspecified.
v2.03 2003-08-26
  • The "-dev" option now allows to specify the desired recording device using a part of its name, instead of its number. For example, you can select "SB Live" by using "-dev Live", select "ESS Allegro" by using "-dev ESS", etc.
v2.02 2003-08-24
  • Fixed a bug because of which recording would cease to work properly after first ~10 minutes.
  • LineInCode now prints its version number, release date, used sound format and device name each time when run.
v2.01 2003-08-23
  • Added new "-lsdev" option. It shows a list of possible values(device numbers) for the "-dev" option, along with the names of corresponding sound cards.
  • The "Unable to initialize the audio device" error message now explains why.
v2.00 2003-08-22
  • Uses the free "Audio Components Suite" instead of the BASS library.
  • Because of this, the effect of the "-dev" option may have changed. Try different device numbers if you have multiple sound cards and the new version fails to record from the desired one.
v1.31 2003-07-28
  • Added an option to specify the sound device to be used for recording, as suggested by Mike Connelly. Use "-dev <number>", where <number> is 0 for Wave Mapper, 1 for the first sound card, 2 for the second, and so on.
v1.3 2003-07-27
  • The program is now distributed with source code, under the GNU GPL.
- 2003-07-15
  • Since you can now specify the record duration, it is possible to use LineInCode and Windows Scheduler to automate regular recording of radio programs. Here's how.
v1.21 2003-07-15
  • Fixed: the real record duration was 1 second less than the one requested by user.
v1.2 2003-07-13
  • An option to specify the record duration: "-D h:m:s". For example, with "-D 1:30:0" LineInCode will stop recording after 1,5 hours. Thanks for the suggestions to Martin Leja and Mike Connelly.
  • Update: this version wrongly claims to be v1.12 from January-2003 I've forgot to update this information.
v1.11 2002-09-19
  • Improved error-handling. Now the error messages should be more informative.
v1.1 2002-09-15
  • Long aliases for command-line options added: "--bits", "--channels", "--rate".
  • Keys "-h", "--help", "-?", "--?", "/?", "/h", "/help" are supported now, and cause LineInCode to display help.
v1.0 2002-07-22 Initial release.